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Eating Ojai Food Walking Tour

Eating Ojai

A food tour is the best way to get immersed into the city’s dining scene. You get to sample multiple restaurants and, because there is a guide, you also gain a new friend on the inside.

Allison Costa, Owner of Ventura Food Tours and Santa Barbara Tasting Tours has been in business for 4 years. She started with the Ventura tour and then quickly added the Ojai tour. Now she runs a Santa Barbara Tour as well.

I had the pleasure of highlighting the Eating Ojai Tour. We did some walking which I love. Maureen Durkin, our lovely tour guide, caught us up on Ojai history and culture while we shimmied through Ojai’s picture perfect downtown amongst Oak Trees and the Colonial Spanish Architecture. There really is something revitalizing about the area. I found myself in a peaceful and happier mood by the end of the tour.

Here is what we got to enjoy on our exciting 6 stop tour.

La Fuente – We tried sweet corn, green chile and pork tamales that were so moist. We also learned about the history of Tamale making.

Los Caporales – Nectar of the Gods and Chile Relleno. Letica, the Owner, shared legendary family stories about some of their signature dishes.

Carolina Gramm Designs – Infused olive tasting. You really don’t know what you’re missing until you taste a fine quality olive oil. We tried a variety of infused flavors.

Rainbow Bridge Market – 2 Deli salads samples washed down with Ojai’s own Lori’s Lavender Lemonade.

Ojai Vineyard – Flight of 3 wines. I wish we had more time to stick around here.

Knead Baking Company – Dessert cupcake that was the perfect luscious ending for the day.

Also visit Ventura Foods Tours online for more information on the Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara walking tours.


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New YouTube Channel – Ventura County Web Series

Ventura Dollar Dining is Expanding!

We are making more videos and now we have a channel for all of them. It’s a Ventura County Web Series on YouTube.  Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on videos all about fun things to do, great places to eat, and the creative people that give Ventura County it’s flavor.

Visit ReelBites VC You Tube Channel

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Best Bloody Mary in Ventura on Sundays

Wikipedia says,

A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings including Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consommé or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt. It has been called “the world’s most complex cocktail”.

It’s just not a Sunday without a zesty Bloody Mary here in Ventura.

IMG_3181Beach House Fish on the Pier

It’s not on Happy Hour but try the pickled Bloody. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Upstairs you can choose your own toppings to somewhat build your own. Add Crab Legs to yours.

Or get the standard $5 Bloody which is just perfect.


A classic bloody Mary with an extra dash of horseradish.

Boatyard Café at the Harbor – $3

Brophy Bros Bloody MaryBrophy Bros

One of the stiffest Bloody Mary’s out there. It has an herbal flavor. I am guessing there are some extra celery seeds in the mixture.

The Greek

This Bloody make me happy because it’s only $4 in the bar and patio


Classic in a Tumbler but cheap


$4 Bloody Mary. Haven’t tried it yet

Bloody Mary Bar

social tap bloody mary bar

Discovery Ventura

Absolut Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays only. $9.95

Social Tap

Build your own, Bloody Mary Bar. They have just about every garnish and hot sauce you can imagine for $7.

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Sunday Bottomless Mimosas

Cheapest mimosas in town. Sometimes I just want to sit, chill, and people watch. Here are my favorite places to do that at.ventura mimosa

Milanos at the Ventura harbor $3

Peiranos $2.50 Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s and Happy Hour all day no less.

Beach House Tacos $3 till 12PM

Boatyard Café at the Harbor $3

805 Bar and Grill $3 Mimosas all day.

The Greek $4 in the bar and patio sat and sun.


venturadollardining bottomless mimosa

Bottomless Mimosas

Whales Tail at the Oxnard Harbor $10

The Waterside at the Oxnard Harbor $15 Also Blood orange Mimosa

Discovery Ventura $13

Hill Street Café add bottomless Mimosas to your regular menu item for only $3!

Alexanders at the Harbor included with the buffet brunch.

Saloon BBQ on Main Street $10

El Rey Cantina on Main Street $15

Sugar Beets Downtown Oxnard $20


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Best Michelada in Ventura


A Micheladas is the perfect beach side cocktail. Some say it is a great hangover cure, arguably  better than a Bloody Mary . A Michelada uses the same spices and seasonings as a Bloody Mary except is made with beer instead of vodka. Typically Micheladas are made with Mexican beers but are not required.

Just writing about the Michelada is making my mouth water. A Michelada is the perfect blend of fizzy, salty, lime.

Over the years I have  seen Micheladas slowly become popular. There are just some places that have been doing them right long enough to be considered far superior to other restaurants. Here are my favorite Micheladas.

Best Micheladas

mIchelada still ventura

El Taqueria Tepatitlan on The Ventura Avenue. shown as the posts featured image.

El Rey Main Street

Cabo Seafood and Grill near Downtown Oxnard

Hopefully my list will grow. let me know where I can try some good Micheladas.

ventura Michelada



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Bunny’s Dog Friendly Ventura

Bunny’s Happy Hour Dog Blog

Bunny and I
Bunny and me

Bunny has grown accustomed to walking all over Ventura and visiting many of the dog friendly restaurants. He is a mystery breed. Possibly a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix. He is full of love and admiration for his friends and family. He simply shakes with excitement when he sees us putting on our shoes because he thinks we are going for an adventure. Sometimes we have to leave him home which breaks our hearts to see him hop around trying to get our attention, “Hey, you’re taking me right? Remember me? I’m ready to go with you! Ok Let’s go! Where are we going? Your’e not gonna leave me here, right?….right? HELLO, don’t forget about ME! I wanna go too! I’m coming with you right?’

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura The Greek

Bunny is so attuned that even if I quietly take the leash off the hook he will come running out from a sleep in the back room. He always enjoys the sights and smells of the city. Like people, dogs don’t always get along with every other dog. Bunny generally will introduce himself with a wagging tail but there’s always that once in a while where he just doesn’t vibe with a dog. We just have to move along.

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura the Boatyard CafeWhy Bunny? Bunny has tall almost rabbit like ears. And he stand up on his hind legs when he wants to get a better vantage point just like a Rabbit. He also is super-fast when he gets in the mood he will run around the living room 10 times showing off his super speed. Then he stops to see that we are watching. He is so proud of himself. Bunny also burrows. In the middle of the night when he know we are sleeping he uses his muzzle to open up a tunnel from the crook of my armpit down to where my feet are. He then proceeds to scratch around as if he is digging a little den for himself, does 2 or 3 little revolutions, takes one final dramatic breath, and finally settles in. Goodnight little Bunny.

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Sea FreshRecently our Landlord decided that for health reasons he needed to sell the property so we began having to leave the house with Bunny for extended periods because of Open Houses. I began to take note of the places Bunny was most welcomed visiting  while we were out killing time. I hope you enjoy this list of dog friendly restaurants as much as Bunny did.

Downtown Ventura


Café Nouveau


Spencer Makenzie’s

Shanghai Beer Garden

Anacapa Brewery


71 Palm


Ventura Pier

Beach House Fish and Tacos

Seaward Exit

Seaward fish and Chips

Social Tap

The Jolly Oyster

Ventura Harbor

Surf and Taco Harbor

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Harbor Cove CafeHarbor Cove Café


Boatyard Cafe

Margarita Villa


Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Rhumb LineThe Rhumb Line

The Greek

Andres 805 Bar and Grill


Lazy Dog

Oxnard Harbor

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Sea FreshSea Fresh Oxnard


Texas Cattle Co

The Waypoint Café at the Camarillo Airport


Remember some simple rules for doggie dining.

Pets are supposed to stay on the ground. That’s not the restaurants rule, that’s a health department rule. Learn what is acceptable at the restaurant you are visiting and enjoy spending time with your precious bestie!


Stay tuned for more Bunny’s Dog Friendly Ventura



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Ventura Monday Happy Hours

There are plenty of Happy Hours to choose from on Mondays. After the weekend most people are ready to spend the night in. But for those not on a Monday through Friday work week, Monday is as good as anytime to enjoy a cheap break at the bar or restaurant.

Here are some of my favorite deals for Monday in Ventura.

For a complete list of Monday Happy Hours click here:

Ventura Harbor

At the Ventura Harbor you can enjoy Sports night at 805 Bar and Grill. Beers are $3 all night. What we love to do here is order one grilled sandwich which comes with a cup of soup. Then you can add on one extra cup and bam, we have a meal for 2 for super cheap. And it filling.

Rhumb Line has a Burger and Brew deal for $10.

The Greek at the Harbor is worth mentioning because it one of the few Happy Hours that starts at 2!


Not too many places have pitchers anymore and when you find a discounted pitcher, you are really getting a good bargain. At Winchesters they take $4 off pitchers for Monday Happy Hour.

Late night Happy Hour or reverse Happy Hour starts at 3 at Saloon BBQ till closing.

Barrelhouse 101 offers Happy Hour all day on Mondays only.


Another Happy Hour that starts early and goes all night is at Sea Fresh at the Oxnard Harbor.

These are some of the more exciting Happy Hours on Monday. See a more complete list with prices and times at



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List of Sunday Brunch and Buffets in Ventura

Brunch, Buffet, Bloody Mary’s, Bottomless Mimosas, and Prime Rib. Complete list of great places to enjoy a relaxing Sunday morning on any budget.

All You Can Eat Buffet Brunch

All You Can Eat Brunches are a treat. We have a handful of places where you can enjoy seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Yolandas – All you can eat Buffet 16.95 includes 2 glasses of champagne.

Discovery Ventura 10-3 $20 adults $10 for Kids. Includes Bloody May Bar and Bottomless Mimosas and Omelet Bar. 10-3

Golden China – amazing selection with anything you can imagine. $20

Alexanders – Buffet style with an omelet station. Prime Rib!  Endless Mimosas $28
10 AM to 2 PM

Great Breakfast Menus

No these aren’t discount prices but the atmosphere combined with a decent price make these restaurants my favorites.

Social Tap on Seaward

The Huevos Rancheros is generous and excellent for only  $10

Café Nouveau

Get here early. There is good reason for the wait.

Nonas Café

The courtyard is something out of a storybook.

The Vagabond

I have heard lots of good stuff about. Though I haven’t been there. And it’s the cheapest menu I’ve seen so I thought I’d mention it.

The Waypoint Café at the Camarillo Airport

Again there is always a wait. On a Sunday be prepared to be sat at least 30 minutes after you get your name in.


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Best Saturday Happy Hours in Ventura

Saturday is slim pickings for Happy Hours. Nevertheless here are a couple that are worthy.

If you want to see a more complete list with links, click here.

The Pier

Beach House Fish is a rare Happy Hour Find for Saturdays from 2-5.

Grab a seat on the patio and watch the arts and craft vendors on the boardwalk at Alohas.


The ever dependable Café Fiore has Happy Hour EVERY day. Even on Saturday.

You can enjoy Happy Hour specials all day at Winchesters. $4 Bloodies and Champagne Cocktails.

Central Ventura

Surf Brewery is our own home beer brewery. You can catch the taco truck here every day too.

This is an odd tidbit, but Bevmo has free tastings on Saturdays from 2-5. They will wave the tasting fee if you make a purchase. Which you probably are going to do anyways if it’s during the 5 cent sale.


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Friday Happy Hour Ventura

It’s hard to choose my favorite for Fridays. They are ALL my favorite after a long work week. I will try to narrow it down. Here it goes.

Click here if you want to see a full list with links.

Ventura Harbor

The Greek starts Happy Hour at 2PM and goes until 7. But don’t turn the channel just yet, the belly dancing show starts at 7:30.

We have mastered the art of Brophy’s ceviche. A spoonful on a saltine cracker. Then a squirt of lemon, an dollop of cocktail sauce, a dot of horseradish. A meal for 2 for $6. But you have to get there early. This place is popular. And for good reason.

The Pier

The Beach House Deck has an amazing Reverse Happy Hour from 6- close.

Say Aloha to the week, and Aloha to the weekend! Aloha Steakhouse has a beautiful patio lounge area screened by a glass. There are some yummy appetizers on the HH menu.


Café Fiore opens up the Tree house in the back on Friday so there is plenty of seating

Oxnard Collection

Wholefoods Bar Rincon serves up a fish and chips plate fro $10 on Fridays.

Oxnard Harbor

All night is when you can get some amazing Happy Hour food and drinks at Sea Fresh while you watch the passengers board the fishing boats for all night fishing.

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Best Happy Hours Thursday Ventura

You have almost made it. Wait, why not just start the weekend now? Here is a summary of my favorites. Click here if you want a more complete list.


Bombays Bar and Grill has a spectacular deal and is my first choice for a Thursday deal. They offer mini versions of their Gourmet Burgers for only $2 each!

Get taco Tuesday prices, but on Thursday at Peiranos and enjoy a nice view of the Mission.

It’s College night at Discovery Ventura. A beer and a shot is only $7. Not to mention Burger, beer, and bowling is $15 all together.

The Pier

At Beach House Fish/The Deck you can get a bucket of craft Beer and a burger for $10.50


Wholefoods Bar Rincon has a Burger and Brew for $10

Ventura Harbor

Another Burger and Brew deal at the Rhumb Line for only $10

Taste wine at 805 Bar and Grill for free between 7-8.



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Best Happy Hours Wednesdays in Ventura

Wine is popular on Wednesdays. Here is a list of places that make use of great alliteration to get customers in the door:

Wine Wednesdays

Meridians at the Seaward Shopping Center

Beach House Fish at the Pier

Winchesters Downtown Main Street

Bar Rincon at Wholefoods in Oxnard


Here are some other noteworthy Happy Hours that I love on Wednesdays. For a more detailed list with links of Happy Hours on Wednesdays, click here.

Ventura Harbor

805 Bar and Grill has “Ladies Night” where 25% is taken off the total bill for Ladies only.

Milanos celebrates Lobster Wednesdays. Enjoy a Lobster dinner for $17.95


Its Wing Wednesdays at Bombay Bar and Grill. These wings are large for .50 cents each. Choose from 3 flavors. I recommend the Chili Garlic Lime. But they are all good.

2 for 1 fish tacos at Spencer Makenzie’s.

Barrelhouse 101 has a Wingman Wednesday. Buy one order and get the second one free.

Discovery Ventura has Burger Brew and Bowling, all for only $15.


Kids eat free at Maria’s Italian Kitchen with the purchase of an adult entrée at the Collection.

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Ventura Taco Tuesday

The week is on it’s way and why not take it easy on the wallet and the dishes? There are plenty of establishments in Ventura that offer specially priced tacos on Tuesdays!


El Rey

$1 Tacos all night

Spencer Makenzie’s

$1.50 Hard Shell tacos after 6PM
$4 Draft Beers

The Pier

Beach House Tacos

$3 Taco plate of 3 tacos

Off Seaward

Tacos Jalisco

$1 Street Tacos
the Asada tasted pretty good
Also available on Thursdays

Ventura Central/Pacific View Mall

Taqueria el Tapatio

$1 Taco Tuesday

Off Victoria


$1.50 original fish tacos after 2:30

East Ventura

La Parilla

$1 Tacos

Oxnard off the 101


$1.50 original fish tacos after 2:30

Hook Line and Sinker

$2.50 grilled fish tacos

Whole Foods

$1 Street Tacos
Choice of meat and toppings


Bobbies Mexican Food


$2  Tacos

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Foodie Dad Gifts Under $25

Here are some gift Ideas for the  Dad who takes pride in cooking. Gadgets that are fun for dad to play with and you benefit from as well. Naturally he will want to experiment with his new foodie toy and will invite you over for some good food.

Foodie Dad Gifts under $25

Hamburger Press

InfraRed Digital Thermometer

Sargent BBQ Master Apron

Glass Moustaches Pub Beer Mugs, 16-Ounce, Set of 4

Chefs Hat

Moscow Mule Mug


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Ventura Wine Wednesdays – Prime

Alliteration, a good excuse to drink wine on Wednesdays.

Prime Steakhouse specialty is Prime Rib.

“Prime is sophisticated, but still fun. Ventura is a beach community and Prime caters to the locals. It is a supper club, with a steakhouse menu, extensive wine list, and live music Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Try the best “Happy” in town! Try one of our special events including Holiday Parties and Monthly Wine dinners. Prime also offers Happy Hours 7 days a week. If you want amazing food, exceptional service, and a beautiful ambiance look no further than Prime Steakhouse.”

1/2 Priced bottle list with over 50 choices at the bar and in the restaurant.

Prime Steakhouse Ventura

visit site

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Ventura Wine Wednesdays – Meridians

Wine Wednesday can get you over that hump.

I crave the Gorgonzola and Spinach Salad with apple slices and walnuts from time to time. It’s so good, I haven’t tried anything else there. The balsamic vinaigrette is homemade. Nothing from a tub here.

On Wednesdays they serve bottles of wine at 1/2 off!

Meridians is a hidden gem in the seaward shopping center.  They also serve many vegetarian dishes.meridians 2visit Meridians website

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Ventura Favorite Free Wifi Spots

Best Free Wi-Fi with Atmosphere

I was inspired to do a series on good places to hang out with free Wi-Fi. I was on a week long stay-cation and I was just kicked out of my own house. My 17 year old Daughter want’s the house to herself so she can record some music. That’s OK with me except where is a cool place to go around town? This is a new quest for me.

I’ve never been in need of a Wi-Fi lounge spot. Well it turns out that there are plenty but only a few have a comfortable ambiance and I would consider hanging out at for a couple hours.

Ventura is a Wi-Fi friendly Town.

Downtown and at the Harbor- You may already know that Downtown Ventura and the Ventura harbor has free Wi-Fi everywhere so, given that, I am listing places that are comfortable, pleasant, and has great atmosphere.

Remember to order a beverage to show your appreciation of the free Wi-Fi service

Ventura Downtown


palermo ventura Wifi

321 E Main St Ventura CA
Downtown Ventura’s Coffee In Scene. Nice cozy couches, people watching, but very busy.
visit site

Discovery Ventura

discovery WiFi

Bowling alley/bar/restaurant. lots of quiet places outside so you can get your work done.
1888 E Thompson Blvd
Visit site
Other related posts

Barrelhouse 101

craft beers and restaurant.
545 E Thompson Blvd
Visit site


204 E Main St
Upper scale atmosphere but still cozy.
Visit site



632 E Main St
The side seating area would be nice and quiet for handling your internet business.
Visit site

Bombay Bar and Grill


143 S California
Quiet during the weekdays.
Visit site

White Sands Thai BBQ

white sands wi-fi

394 E Main St
Stylish Atmosphere with patio seating available. On main
Visit site

See which Yelp partners have coupons and deals

Sandbox Coffeehouse

Sandbox Coffee House

204 E Thompson Blvd
lots of local art on display and really close to the beach. Music on the weekends.
Visit site


1876 E Main St
Tiny tiny Coffee Shack.
Visit site

Ventura Seaward Exit

Social Tap

Social Tap wifi

1105 S Seaward Ave, Ventura, CA 93001
Visit site

See which Yelp partners have coupons and deals



2417 Harbor Blvd.
Visit site

The Sushi House

1127 S. Seaward Avenue
Visit site

Ventura Midtown/Mall Hospital

Midtown Cafe

mid town cafe

991 Loma Vista Rd
Visit site

Bagel Rock Coffee

2781 E Main St, Ventura
Visit site

The Spaghetti Factory

2686 Loma Vista Rd
Visit site

See which Yelp partners have coupons and deals

Tatiana’s Coffee and Tea

tatianas internet cafe
2470 E Main St
Visit site

A Secret Garden Florist and Cafe

a secret garden florist and cafe

981 E. Main Street
Yelp Review

Ventura /The Avenue

Taqueria Tepatitlan

362 N. Ventura Ave.
Visit site

Ventura Victoria/Government Center

Greenforest Internet Cafe

greenforest internet cafe wifi

5936 Telegraph Rd
Yelp Review

Peets Coffee

1171 S Victoria
Visit site

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

3301 E Main St, Ste 1066
Visit site

Ventura Harbor

Anywhere in the harbor has free Wifi

Oxnard Harbor

Sea Fresh

3550 S Harbor Blvd Oxnard
Visit site

The Lookout

2800 Harbor Blvd
Visit site


Bar Rincon at Wholefood


See which Yelp partners have coupons and deals

Send us a photo of yourself at your favorite Wi-Fi office away from home!

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Using Groupon to find Ventura County Restaurant Deals

If you don’t know about Groupon then…. how did you even find this site?

Whenever i go out for the day to enjoy the town I always check Groupon. they have a map filter so you can see the deals in the vicinity that you will be in. If you know that you are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend you can create a search filer.

Download the App to your smart phone and filter away. Groupon has the largest membership of merchants from eye brow threading to vacation packages.

Groupons are great because you can make your purchases gifts. most dinner coupons are around 50% off. And that goes a long way when you are dining.


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Coupons, Deals, and Discount Links for Ventura-Entertainment Dining Review

All book are only $12! and free shipping.

Remember the 2 for 1 coupon dining book where you had to tear out the little perforated pages? we now you can access the same deals online.

This is a great gift idea too.

In the Santa Barbara and Ventura book there are 2 for 1 deals at:

  • Rics Restaurant in Camarillo
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Santa Barbara Zoo

If you use just one coupon then you have your investment back.

How easy is it to use your coupons?

  • You can clip from your book
  • Print from online
  • Show your phone code to your merchant

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Coupons, Deals, and Discount Links for Ventura-Amazon Local Review

Everybody already has an Amazon account which makes this App super easy. I rank this one pretty high compared to other deal Apps. App is available for your smartphone.

Amazon Local

There’s at least local 7-10 restaurants with deals including deals at

  • Spenser Makenzies
  • Cadiz
  • La Parilla
  • Thai and Peru Restaurant

including Sailing Lessons and Comedy Club tickets

How easy is the App to use?

There’s a map filter so you can arrow it down to your area view.



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Venturadollardining Links to Coupons – Livingsocial Review


Coupon Site

Similar to the Groupon, there are randomly some good restaurants in our area with coupons. They are better for Events and Activities.

Still a good source for deals. I check Livingsocial out whenever I’m planning a day for fun ideas.

If you have a smart phone you can install the app on your phone, which makes it easy.

Current Deals

Right now I am seeing $15 for $25 worth of burgers, Beers, and other fare at Bombay Bar and Grill

The Sushi House $15 for $25 of food

Fuji Sushi Japanese $20 for $40 of menu items

How Easy is it to Find Local Coupons?

In the App, you can use the map feature to filter the deals you are looking for.

Ventura Dollardining Coupon Link





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CityPASS- Another coupon deal for Southern California and if you are planning a trip to another major US city.

Coupon Sites

Coupons, Deals, and Smart Phone Apps for Ventura

So I checked out the deal for Southern California.

If you were going to go to Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios, and Sea World it would cost you $459 per person. The cost of a City Pass that gets you into all four is $339. That’s a savings of $120.


Now, If you’re talking about a family of 4, you will save $480! And you save more if you  buying for children under ten.

I could enjoy Happy Hours for 2 months with those savings!


There is one catch. You have a 14 day validity period. So the CityPASS is better for planned vacations. Check out the cities there are passes for.

City Pass

Just something to remember next time you plan a trip. Coupon Ka-ching!

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Ventura Wine Wednesdays, A solution to the mid week blues.

 Make your Wednesday Wonderful.

wine wednesday


Winchesters Wino Wednesdays

Downtown Main street Ventura
All bottled wine 30% off & no corkage

The Wine Rack Wine Wednesday

Downtown Main street Ventura
½ off bottles to enjoy at The Wine Rack


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Whale’s Tail Happy Hour at the Oxnard Harbor

Who doesn’t like sitting above the harbor, looking at the water, and watching all the boats arriving or departing for an adventure? The Whales Tail has been around for decades has seen some ups and downs, but there is something that has not changes over the years. The chowder. The only thing that I get a little sad about, is that it doesn’t still come in a little black caldron that had 3 feet and a wire handle. And maybe it’s because I feel nostalgic about coming here as a child, but the chowder is still just as tasty.

Happy Hour
Mon-Fri – 3-7
Saturday – 3-5

Selected beers – $3
House wines, well drinks $4
selected cocktails – $5

30% off any bottle of wine.

cup of Chowder $3/bowl $4
Street Tacos $3
Other apps all $6

Dollardining whales tail happy hour dring menuDollardining whales tail happy hour food menu

Visit Website:



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Sand Art at the Pier with Andres Amador-Ventura

April 17-19  This is a rare moment where you can see an entire beach turned into a work of art.

This is an image from a previous work.
This is an image from a previous work.

Admission Free

Andres Amador is a San Francisco-based artist who has been working on the beach since 2004.  Using the beach as his canvas, his artwork can span over 100,000 feet, achievable only during low tide.  Andres‘s magic in the sand is created by the use of a single rake and inspired by his desire to bring a sense of wonder and immediacy to the viewer through his art.  His artworks do not last long – within minutes of finishing a piece, and often while still in progress, the returning tide begins resetting the canvas.  This provides an opportunity to reflect upon the nature of impermanence, serving as a reminder that the act of joyous creation is its own reward.

In partnership with the City of Ventura and Pier Into the Future, Amador will be bring his vision of art on the beach to Ventura, April 17-19, 2015.  Day one is a workshop where 25 guests will be guided through the process.  The second day is a “Playa Painting Community Art Experience” event where you can bring your entire family, all ages, out the the Pier to get involved and enjoy the creative process and the third day is a piece Amador creates on the beach expanding from the Ventura Pier to Figueroa Street.  All proceeds generated will benefit Pier into the Future, a non profit organization dedicated to maintaining the ioconic Ventura Pier.  For more information and to sign up for a workshop visit Amador’s website.

April 17Playa Painting Workshop– Learn about how he creates his art and then create something large together!

April 18: Playa Painting Community Art Experience-

April 19: Demonstration Artwork- Andres will create an artwork while you watch!

Link – Sand art at the pier with Andres Amador-Ventura.

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Weekend Outlook April 4-5. Fun, free, and almost fee things to do this weekend in Ventura

Fun, free, or almost free things to do in Ventura

Fun, free, or almost free things to do in Ventura

Here’s the Weekend Outlook. Fun, free, or almost free things to do in Ventura

Ventura First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month to discover Ventura’s art scene. There are 13 Venues to visit and enjoy the vibrant art scene of Ventura.

The goal of First Fridays Ventura is to sustain a thriving art community in California. Each month, visual fine art spaces in downtown and midtown Ventura offer a variety of special entertainment to compliment the collectible artworks on display. Demonstrations, lectures, music, and performance provide an opportunity for everyone to share in this unique Ventura cultural experience.

The Hud

Learn More at


Vita Art Center presents a collection of Peter Liashkov’s work


Opening Reception Friday April 3rd, from  6-9pm
Admission Free

Vita Art Center at the Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Studio 30, Ventura, CA 93001 – 805-644-9214

Series – Homosapiens, the interior of the human bodies is imprinted with fragmented narratives. There will be an Opening Reception Friday April 3rd, from  6-9pm, and the exhibition will run from April 3rd – 26th.  These tales are part of a fictionalized past-work of the person who is actually depicted. The tattoo-like markings, enhanced with powdered pigments, earth and crushed glass, speak of the complexity of the inner workings of contemporary human beings. Simultaneously the figures are linked to antiquity through their hieratic stance.

More Info


Ventura County Fairgrounds Spring Carnival

April 3rd-Sun April 5th
Fri 5PM to 10PM
Sat Noon -10
Sun Noon – 7

Admission Free

Carnival Rides (40 tickets) $40

Event hours will be Friday, April 3rd from 5 until 10 p.m.Saturday, April 4th from noon until 10 p.m. and Sunday, April 5th from noon until 7 p.m. Admission is free and Parking is $5.

This exciting newevent will feature a petting zoo, an Easter egg hunt,  15 carnival rides with something for everyone from the spectacular to the kiddie rides. Games of chance, traditional carnival foods, live entertainment and more family fun are all on tap for the Easterweekend!

More Info –


Americas Teaching Zoo Last Weekend to see Spring Spectacular at Moorpark College

Family, Animal Fun.
April 4th and 5th
10AM to 5PM

Every Spring Spectacular weekend includes special guest animals from the movie and television industry, kids’ activities and vendors with the best food Zoopolis has to offer!

Eye-2-Eye-Up close and personal look at other zoo animals

Behind the scenes VIP tours on the hour

Moorpark teaching Zoo Poster


More info –


Ventura Harbor Village is Hopping – Easter Sunday at the Ventura Harbor.

12PM to 3

Bring family and friends to the Harbor Village for holiday celebration and dining. Enjoy live music at the Village Carousel Stage, Noon – 3 pm Sunday, April 5th. Plus, check out seaside shopping for unique Easter gifts! The Cottontail Bunny will make an appearance Noon to 3 PM for hugs and handshakes – be sure to bring your camera. After dining & shopping while overlooking the boats and listening to live tunes, stroll along the promenade, take a Harbor Cruise, or a Carousel ride for a memorable Easter Sunday.


More Info –Click here

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More Reverse Happy Hours in Ventura.

Reverse Happy Hours Ventura

Reverse Happy Hours Ventura

A night out can really add up. Why not save a little cash by trying one of the late night Reverse Happy Hours in Ventura? Here are some more in the area. It just leaves more cash in your pocket for your morning Bloody Mary.

Beach House Fish

on the Pier
Friday 6-close
Thursday – All Day
Beers that start at $2.50
Beers that start at $2.50
$3.50 wine
Small plates for $8 (more)


Sun – Thursday 1PM to Close
Deals start at $4 (BJs Craft Beers and Happy Hour Food) $5 and $6 price points


Main Street Ventura
Fri and Sat Late night food menu to 1AM

What is Reverse Happy Hour? Yahoo Answers

You know, the same specials they have early in the afternoon except at the end of the night.

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Reverse Happy Hours – for when you want to be cheap late night.

Reverse Happy Hours Ventura
Reverse Happy Hours Ventura

What is a Reverse Happy Hour? It’s not when the women buy the men drinks. Sometimes your looking for a late night deal. Maybe you get off work at more like 10PM?  Here is a few to remember…

Sunday Night

Social Tap at the bottom of Seaward by the beach
Sunday evenings 4 to close
Wine and Beers start at $3 ½
Various food selections around $5  (more)

Kabuki Sushi at the Collection/Oxnard right off the 101
Sunday 8 to Close
Beers and Saki start at 2.95
Sushi starts at 2.95. Rolls at 3.95

Monday Night

Andres 805 Bar and Grilled Cheese at the Ventura Harbor
Ok this is not technically a Reverse Happy hour because they have HH all night long.
$3 Beer all night til Close (more)

Saloon BBQ downtown on Main
3-Close (more)

Barrel House 101 downtown
$1 off draft beers and samplers. (more)

Kabuki Sushi at the Collection/Oxnard right off the 101
Mon through Thursday 9 to Close
Beers and Saki start at 2.95
Sushi starts at 2.95. Rolls at 3.95


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Bombay Bar & Grill is Known for Nightlife but it Deserves a Culinary Shout Out.


This is one of the posts I was extra excited about. Thursday was $2 Slider night and we sure were lucky it was.


We also put in the first order of the new Chili Garlic Lime Wings. There was nothing mediocre about anything we tried.


Bombay has a gourmet selection of burgers that they also prepare as Sliders. These were not typical sports bar Sliders.

Bombay Bar and Grill Burger Menu

The Aztec had a Chili Relleno and a light Tempura crunch. A+
The Chuck Wagon had homemade Chili and the slice of Applewood bacon gave it nice texture. A+
The Nacho Volcano was like a home   made stuffed Jalapeno in the form of a burger with some good spice. A+

Bombay Thursday 2$ Slider
Nacho Volcano Slider

Happy hour is Weekdays 4-7
Thursday Sliders are 2$

IMG_4479_edited Bombay Happy Hour

Bombay Bar and Grill Kitchen

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After Battling the Christmas Chaos in the Stores, I Unwound at Café Fiore for an Amazing $20 Dollars. Look at All We Enjoyed For the Price.

Really, the atmosphere was very calming. Cafe Fiore

$20 for two, we got:

  • mini gourmet pizza
  • bread with bruchetta sauce
  • chicken slider
  • romaine wedge with gorgonzola bacon dressing
  • a glass of wine
  • bottled beer

We like to graze and share so it was enough to call dinner for us. The gourmet pizzas are a steal for $5!

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Whales Tail has been a sailor stop for decades. It’s a nice place to camp and watch the happy boaters come and go.

Whale's Tail

Happy Hour is

Mon – Fri 3-7 PM
Sat 3-5

$3 cub Chowder $4 Bowl

Whale’s Tail has a recipe for New England chowder that has been at the top of the Best Chowder List for decades.

$3 tacos $6 Wings are 2 of the best bargains. The food was average but the view is outstanding!


Whale's Tail Happy Hour Menu

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List of Restaurant Deal Sites. 50% and more off!

Coupon Sites

Here are some sites I found that offer deals that are sometimes 50% or more off dining.

Type in your Zip code and buy gift certificates for sometimes more than %50 off!

I downloaded the App for my phone. There are a decent amount of deals that I would actually use. Mostly national franchises.

I’m constantly checking my Groupon App on my phone for deals on things I need. There are plenty of categories too. From beauty, Health, Gadgets, to Food Things to Do. I’ve used Groupon for sailing classes and carpet cleaning.

There are randomly some good restaurants in our area with coupons. They are better for Events and Activities

This one is fairly new but I suspect the options will grow. Not a lot of Ventura restaurants but worth checking out.

Mostly national chains again but I saw some good ½ off deals.

I found this link takes you to when you click on one of the deals.

Type in your zip and see what deals are nearby. I found 3 within my area.

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Dollar Street Taco and Trivia Tuesday at Whole Foods


Are you a trivia buff? I’m not but I enjoyed participating last Tuesday night at the Bar Rincon at the Oxnard Whole Foods. We grabbed 6 dollar tacos  after sampling free cheese and settled into the converted Airstream and sampled some beers. Rules of play: teams can have up to 6 members. No cell phones, obviously, and the winning team gets a $50 Whole Foods gift card.


Taco choices were stewed beef, pork, and chicken. I enjoyed the pork and chicken best. They were pretty awesome! choice of salsa, cilantro, and diced onions for toppings.

I will definitely go again. But will definitely team up with another couple next time.

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Top Money Saving Deals and Happy Hours of Ventura for 2014

I’ve decided to wrap up Summer by choosing my favorites for the year. Looking forward to discovering all new Happy Hours and gourmet gems around town.

venturadollardining happy hours_09

Favorite Happy Hours

Sea Fresh in Channel Islands Harbor (view post)

Lure Camarillo and Ventura (view post)

Beach House Fish on the Pier in Ventura (view post)

Café Fiore Downtown (view post)

Ventura Happy Hour  Bloody Mary Beach House Fish, the Deck

Best Bloody Mary’s

Beach House Fish – $5 (view post)

Beach House Fish – $9 Build your own Bloody Mary (pictured)

Lure (view post)

Ventura Happy Hour Fish Tacos

Favorite Fish Tacos

Lure Baja Fish Taco $3 (view post)

Beach House Fish (view post)

Beach House Tacos

Ventura Happy Hours

Best Micheladas

Taqueria Tepatitlan $5 (view post)

Ventura Happy Hour Pier View

Best View and/or Atmosphere

Beach House Fish (view post)

The Greek at Ventura Harbor (view post)

Rhumb Line at Ventura Harbor (view post)

Sea Fresh, Channel Island Harbor (view post)

Ventura Happy Hour Neighborhoods


Seaward at the 101/Pierpont

Downtown /Main Street

Ventura Pier

Ventura Harbor

Oxnard Harbor

Oxnard along the 101

Coming Soon – 5Points Ventura/Pacific View Mall area , The Avenue, East Ventura,  Oxnard Downtown, Camarillo


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Sea Fresh in the Oxnard Harbor has many food and drink items for $3 AND Monday -Friday Happy Hour goes all night.

On the west side of the building there is no offshore chill. The patio has heat lamps anyways. 3-close Monday through Friday!

Notice these prices:
Moscow Mule $6.50
Bud Light Draft $2.50
Mimosa $2.50

Sea Fresh Happy Hour Menu

sea fresh Happy Hour Oysters and Fried Sushi Roll

Happy Hour Santa Fe Roll Cheers Oysters!  $9 and $6

Sea Fresh Oyster Cheers

One Quarter of the blackened Shrimp Quesadilla. $6

Sea Fresh Happy Hour Quesedilla

Half Eaten Happy Hour Nachos. $5

Sea Fresh Happy Hour Nachos

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Rhumb Line Has a Burger and Beer combo for $9.95 Monday through Friday from 3-7. Sunset and boat watching included.

We had an enjoyable time watching the sailors eying the pretty Bartender.

Rhumb Line Happy Hour Menu

Rumb Line Happy Hour Drink Menu


The Moscow Mule wasn’t on the Happy Hour Menu but we have never had one and was curious about the copper container. It was very very refreshing! Not overly sweet or fruity. I think I have a new favorite cocktail.

Rhumb Line Moscow Mule

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Social Tap street tacos $2.50 each. Wine and local drafts are $3.50. Mixed review.

Maybe it was an off day but our experience wasn’t the best. We ordered Hot Wings (B-) and the expediter dropped them without  napkins! It’s really hard to get me to complain and the expediter might have been new, but it’s one of my peeves.  If your going to bring some food to a table, save yourself and the customer some frustration by BRINGING EVERYTHING THAT ONE NEEDS to eat the dish. Hot wings… Hello? at the very  least napkins? Not to mention Hot Wings are traditionally served with Bleu Cheese not Ranch dressing. The other thing that was slightly annoying were the flies, being that the bar is open air, which is nice on one hand, being so close to the beach. It’s probably not something I can complain about, we could have probably moved to a better spot. A ceiling fan would have helped.

If your a Coors Light or Bud Light draft drinker, know that they do not serve that here. We were told that they were not trying to attract that crowd. WOW… Shame that the level of service does not match the ego of the establishment.

On the other hand it was a good value. We ordered Hot Wings and 2 Street Tacos ($2.50 ea.) and was fully fed for dinner.

I’ve had breakfast here and it was really good for $10. I’m really trying to like this place. Maybe it was just an off day.

Social Tap Happy Hour


If you like to make your own drink and choose your own garnishes, Sundays they have a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar$7

Social tap Bloody Mary Bar

They do have a “Reverse” Happy Hour on Sundays 4-Close.

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Tuesday All Day Happy Hour $2 Coors and bud Lt and $3 California Rolls

Sushi House  Happy Hour

They have an ever changing Happy Hour but Tuesday it’s happy  all day!

sushi house Happy Hour

Beer, Saki, and Wine only

IMG_3690.JPG Continue reading Tuesday All Day Happy Hour $2 Coors and bud Lt and $3 California Rolls

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Spenser Makenzie’s 2 for 1 Giant fish Tacos

Monday – Thursday 3-5

2 for 1 Giant Fish Tacos
Spencer McKenzies Giant Fish Taco

Monday Military Mondays Show your ID Card or stop by in Uniform and recieve a 20% off discount on your next meal.

Tuesday Public Safety & First Responder Tuesday Show your ID Card or stop by in Uniform and recieve a 20% off discount on your next meal.

Spenser Makenzies


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Bombay Summer Specials Happy Hours Downtown

Usually a great music venue but try a burger some time.

Happy Hour Bombays

Normal Happy Hours

Mon – Friday 4-7
Beers $3
Wine $3
Well $3
Appetizers $4-5

Bombays Happy Hour

Fri and Sat 9-10PM
Jamo Hours! $4-5 Jameson Drinks

Bombay Happy Hour

Slider Thursdays at Bombay Bar and Grill


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Cafe Fiore on California Street has an Amazing Happy Hour

Ventura Happy Hour Cafe Fiore 02Ventura Happy Hour Cafe Fiore 03

Monday – Friday 3-7
Saturday – Sunday 3-5

Beer – $3-4
Wine $3
Well $5
Mojito, Caiphirina, Margarita, Special $7
All Martinis $5


Mini Pizzas $5
Gourmet Appetizers $5,6,7
Mussels $7 Clams $9
Ahi Sliders $4  Chicken and Lamb Sliders$3

Try the Mexican Pizza. It was excellent.

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Andres 805 and Grilled Cheese.

A Grilled Cheese for Adults!

These Sandwiches are gourmet and big enough to split. Just add one more cup of soup ($3) and voila!… Dinner for 2–$11

Andres 805 & Grilled Cheese Happy Hour

Nice view of the Harbor.  Music Fri, Sat, and Sun

Daily Specials

Mon Sports night $3 beers all night

Tues Night Trivia, prizes

Wed Ladies Night %25 off ladies tab

Thurs Free Tasting 7-8

Fri Live Music 7-10

Sat Live Music 7-10

Sun Live Music 2-5 $3 champagne all day

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Happy Hours and happy days at the Captains Lounge at Spinnaker Steak and Seafood at the Ventura Harbor

Bar side only, or in the “Captains Lounge”

This place has a dive bar feel. A place where the real fishermen hang. But also like your at home in your living room.

Normal happy Hour is :

Mon-Friday 3-7
Late Night Happy Hour is Fri/Sat 8-10

Pints 2.5-3.50
Well Drinks 3-50

Spinnaker Seafood Happy Hour

Daily Specials in the Captain’s Lounge 5-8PM

Sunday Prime Rib 12.95 (+2 sides)

Monday Cheeseburger n fries $7.95

Tuesday Shrimp Tacos $12.95 (+2 sides)

Wed Carne Asada $12.95 (+2 sides)

Thurs Half Rack Barbeque Ribs $12.95 (+2 sides)

Spinnaker Seafood Happy Hour

Ventura Bloody Mary Spinnaker Seafood


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Watermark in Downtown Ventura

vemtura watermark Happy Hour Menu


Thursday-Sat (food & drink) 5-7
Sun (food & drink) 1-4

Sunday Funday! 10-4
Bloody Mary $6
Mimosas $4

Watermark Ventura Happy Hour  Menu

Nice Apps for $5
Pork tacos and Shrimp Rolls

Downstairs Wine Bar

Tue-Sat (food & drink) 5-7
Domestic 3
Import 4
Well Liquor 4
House Chard and Cab 5
Call Liquor 6
Food – same as image above
Sun (drinks only) 1-4

Ventura Watermark Happy Hour Menu
Texas Chili

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Beach House Fish

Ventura Happy Hour Beach House Fish

Happy Hour
Drafts $2.5, House wine $3.5, well drinks $4+
Food assorted apps $6

Mon – Regular Happy Hour 3-6

Tues – 3-Close Regular Happy Hour

Wed -3-6 regular Happy Hour

Wine Down Wed – 3-Close
Special Deal – Half off listed wines

Thurs – Regular Happy Hour 3-6
Special – Burgers n Brews 3-Close

Friday Regular Happy Hour 6-Close

Reg Happy Hour 2-5
Special – Mimosas all day $6

Sunday Regular Happy Hour 3-6
Special – Bloody Mary All day
choose your liquor and protein garnish, Shrimp crab leg, bacon and choice of fruit

Ventura Happy Hour  Bloody Mary Beach House Fish, the Deck

Regular happy hour 3-6


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I’m enjoying a free flight of wine tastings at Whole Foods in Oxnard. Apparently they do this every Wednesday!


I also sampled 3 cheeses in the cheese section!

Every Wednesday 5-7

Other Daily Specials at Whole Foods

Monday – Wings and Beer $10

Tuesday – Tues Trivia, win a $50 gift card
Street tacos $2

Wednesday – Wine Wednesday, the good stuff $5
Free wine tasting by a local Supplier 5-7

Thursday – Burger and Brew $10

Friday – Fish and Chips $10

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Barrel House 101 has 101 Beer taps on the wall, gastropub fare, and a happy hour deal

All Day Monday
and $2 Tuesdays! off selected Pints until they run out.

Regular Happy Hour
Tues through Friday 4-7
$1 off Beers and Samplers
$5 Cosmos, Margaritas, Lemon Drops
$8 gourmet burgers
$3 Truffle fries? Please someone tell me what those are like.
If you want to make this happy hour work for you better, I would split a giant burger.

Ventura Barrel 101 Happy Hour Menu

Came in looking for our favorite bartender, Garret, who is so knowledgeable and friendly.

Barrel House 101 Happy Hour

$2 Tuesdays! off selected Pints until they run out.

What is YOUR favorite beer? They’ve got it here I think.

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Lure Oyster Bar, Sunday all day Happy Hour, fine appetizers at a great deal!


Ventura Happy Hour Lure

It’s hard to go anywhere else. I’m just now starting to get into Oysters. Blue Points are a good place to start.

Ventura Happy Hour Lure Oysters

The Sourdough is freshly baked. The Fish Tacos on the hh appetizer menu are a meal for $3

Ventura Happy Hour Lure Menu

I think I’ve been here at least 30 times.

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Bloody Mary Pub Crawl.

Ventura Bloody Mary Spinnaker Seafood
Spinnaker Seafood  at the Ventura Harbor $5
2 olives, no raw horseradish, rim wasn’t salted but the Bloody Mary itself was perfectly salted. Pint. Mild spice.

Ventura Bloody Mary Brophy Bros
Brophy Bros Bloody Mary at the Ventura Harbor $8
Stiff! good job on that.
Very herbal, I tasted a lot of celery seed infused. Kamchatka, I try to notice what they use but don’t always get a chance. Well Spiced

Ventura Bloody Mary Beach House Fish, the Deck

Beach House Fish, the Deck Bloody Mary
Beach House Fish, the Deck, upstairs $9
Build Your own Bloody Mary. Choose your meat and Vodka
Look at all the crab that I got! and fruit.
Raw Horseradish, Very Spicy, Tangy A+

Ventura Bloody Mary Lure
Lure Fish House
Oyster not included, although it was only $1.5
At this point I stopped taking notes. They make pretty good Bloody Maries in my experience. Well balanced, saltiness, spiciness, and tang.



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Discovery Happy Hour (Mon-Sat 4-6) (Sun 3-close)

Ventura Happy Hour Discovery Menu


This was the first time for me here. It seemed OK for me only because the Happy Hour drinks were only discounted to $5. They had a simple selection of wines beer and well drinks on the Happy Hour Menu. I had the Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc which was very nice. The pour was generous. I guess I shouldn’t complain. And the service was very attentive on the patio.

When I first arrived I asked everybody to move a table over because the guy playing guitar and singing was jarringly loud.

One of my pet peeves are:  Guys who use an amplifier when everybody he is playing to is within 30 feet.

Somebody else must have said something because by the end of visit the volume was more tolerable and I was actually enjoying it.
Or, I was readjusted because of the libations.

Ventura Happy Hour Discovery Nachos

The Nachos were pretty good. I think $5 was a fair price. We did add steak on one and chicken on the other but I forgot to see how much was charged for it. the tortilla chips tasted home made and held up to the toppings.

ventura Happy Hour Discovery

I’d like to try some bowling some time here.


Ventura Happy Hour Discovery Sunday Brunch

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Taqueria Tepatitlan – Its always Happy Hour. $5 Micheladas all day! Ventura Ave.

I’ve only found a few places or random bartenders that make good Micheladas. Here is one of the top 3. From the outside, you would never guess that there was a bar and a restaurant here. This is a hidden gem. Restaurants on the avenue are generally more authentic when it comes to Mexican food. This one has dishes that would please the native as well as the occasional enchilada eater.


We tested both Modelo Negra and Modelo Especial. We both agreed that the darker one more flavorful.


The World Cup was on in the bar side and I image this is a good place to watch futbol any time.


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Bar Rincon at Whole Foods in Oxnard

Who here has enjoyed Oxnard’s brand new Whole Foods? OK it’s not that brand new anymore. Here is a couple treasures that you can find at the Airstream/Bar.

Monday Wings and Beer -$10

Tues Trivia. get a chance to win a $50 Gift card.
Taco Tues – $2 tacos from the grill area.

Wed –  All wines are $5, by the glass menu
Salad bar items are $2 off per lb.

Thurs – Burger and Brew $10

Fri – Fish and Chips Friday and a beer $10

The wines available on Wed are the good stuff! We sampled a cheese platter with our $5 glasses. I would do it again.

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Downtown Happy Hours and Deals

Here is a list of noteworthy Happy Hours to try out near Main St.

Sushi Marina/Banzai Marina

Happy Hour Mon-Thursday 5-6:30

Half priced beer, wine, sake, cocktails

Deals on sushi and appetizers


Café Fiore

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-7
Sat- Sun 3-5

Ventura Happy Hour Cafe Fiore 02  Ventura Happy Hour Cafe Fiore 03

Ventura Happy Hour Cafe Fiore 01

Mini Pizzas are excellent. We love the Mexicana Pizza.


Lure Fish House Ventura

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-6

All Day Sunday till 6

Cup Chowder $3, Baja Fish Taco $3.50, Steamed Mussels $7

Oysters on the half shell from the Oyster Bar starting at $1.5

6 Charbroiled Oysters $9 garlic parm, parsley butter

Oyster Shooters $2

Wine $3 pints -$1 of

and more..

Exceptional Charbroiled Oysters. I’m kind of addicted now. I never cared for Oysters until I had these. They have been sort of a gateway dish. And now we are experimenting with all the different varieties at the oyster bar. The Oyster Chefs (what are they called?) are so friendly and love to share knowledge.


Salloon BBQ co

Happy Hour Mon 3-close

Tuesday-Fri 3-6:30

Wine $5, Well $5, Draft Beer $5, and more


Grapes and Hops

Sunday Bottomless Mimosas $10 10-3


71 Palm

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 5-6:30



Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-8

Selected menu Items $6, $1 off Drafts, well, and house wine


The Tavern

Happy Hour 5-8PM

Eclectic Selection of Beers $2 off


Amigos Surf Cantina!specials/

Fiesta Hour 4-7 daily

½ off Small Plates

Prices are already so good



Happy Hour Tues-Sat 5-7

Wine $5, Domestic $3, Import $4, Well $4

Specialty small plates $5

Sunday Fun day 10-4

Bloody Mary $6, Mimosas$4

Sports and live music at the top floor


Chicago Ribs

Sun – Thursday 4-7
Fri-Sat 4-6

Wine $3, Well, 3.5, draft $3/3.75

Appetizer selection with purchase of drink at bar $3.50
Chicago Ribs Happy Hour Menu


 Spencer Makenzie’s

Mon- Thurs  2 for 1 Giant fish tacos 3-5

Spencer McKenzies Giant Fish Taco

Monday Military Mondays Show your ID Card or stop by in Uniform and recieve a 20% off discount on your next meal.

Tuesday Public Safety & First Responder Tuesday Show your ID Card or stop by in Uniform and recieve a 20% off discount on your next meal.

Mackenzie meals – For Light Eaters $4.99 Your choice of two chicken strips, one piece of tempura fish or one carne asada taco. Includes carrot sticks or fries & juice or water. Every Day


Prime Steakhouse

Wines $4-5, Martinis $6


Barrelhouse 101

Happy Hour all day Monday

Tue $2  beer selections till it runs out

Wed 4-10 – 2 for 1 chicken wings

Sunday opening to 3 – Bottomless Mimosas $13

Their Happy hour is complex. Go there to enjoy many exotic beers. Service is very friendly and knowledgeable about beers.


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Fish Tacos Spencer Makenzie’s

Spencer McKenzies Giant Fish Taco

Spencer Makenzie’s

Spencer’s has reopened with a new look! And I see they serve beer now.Woo Hoo! I haven’t gotten a chance to visit since the re-opening. Hopefully I’ll get a chance soon.

Spencer Makenzie’s Giant Fish Taco. Salsa Bar not included, no need. Its loaded with Tempura battered Mahi Mahi, fresh chopped cabbage, bell peppers, cilantro, a special spicy Makenzie sauce all on a fluffy warm flour tortilla.

Mon- Thurs Fish Taco Special – 2 for 1 Giant fish tacos 3-5

light Menu – 4.99 everyday
Mondays – Military Mondays
Tuesday – Public Safety & First Responder Tuesday

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I say Tomato, you say Clamato. Best Bloody Mary’s

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions

A few years ago I visited the restaurant, “Mon Ami Gabi”  in Las Vegas famous for its Bloody Mary Bar. Like a good Mary  disciple, I prepared lots the night before, so when the morning demanded, a Bloody Mary would be the appropriate redemption.  Chilled Vodka on the side, I poured it in my glass and proceeded to the bar where every mix, garnish, condiment any one could ever want or imagine. From anchovies to quail eggs, my favorite garnish was the strip of bacon. I mean, Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Is not the bacon, the perfect benefit to the hangover? A salty meaty compliment to spicy  tomato mixture during breakfast hours.  I treat my Bloody Mary’s with reverence. It’s more that just a cocktail. Something about it makes you feel whole or energized. Sometimes its like an answer to a prayer. “Please cure me of this hangover?”

Now the Bloody Mary bar has come to Ventura. I will explore and make a list of my favorites.

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