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Ventura Favorite Free Wifi Spots

Best Free Wi-Fi with Atmosphere

I was inspired to do a series on good places to hang out with free Wi-Fi. I was on a week long stay-cation and I was just kicked out of my own house. My 17 year old Daughter want’s the house to herself so she can record some music. That’s OK with me except where is a cool place to go around town? This is a new quest for me.

I’ve never been in need of a Wi-Fi lounge spot. Well it turns out that there are plenty but only a few have a comfortable ambiance and I would consider hanging out at for a couple hours.

Ventura is a Wi-Fi friendly Town.

Downtown and at the Harbor- You may already know that Downtown Ventura and the Ventura harbor has free Wi-Fi everywhere so, given that, I am listing places that are comfortable, pleasant, and has great atmosphere.

Remember to order a beverage to show your appreciation of the free Wi-Fi service

Ventura Downtown


palermo ventura Wifi

321 E Main St Ventura CA
Downtown Ventura’s Coffee In Scene. Nice cozy couches, people watching, but very busy.
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Discovery Ventura

discovery WiFi

Bowling alley/bar/restaurant. lots of quiet places outside so you can get your work done.
1888 E Thompson Blvd
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Barrelhouse 101

craft beers and restaurant.
545 E Thompson Blvd
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204 E Main St
Upper scale atmosphere but still cozy.
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632 E Main St
The side seating area would be nice and quiet for handling your internet business.
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Bombay Bar and Grill


143 S California
Quiet during the weekdays.
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White Sands Thai BBQ

white sands wi-fi

394 E Main St
Stylish Atmosphere with patio seating available. On main
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Sandbox Coffeehouse

Sandbox Coffee House

204 E Thompson Blvd
lots of local art on display and really close to the beach. Music on the weekends.
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1876 E Main St
Tiny tiny Coffee Shack.
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Ventura Seaward Exit

Social Tap

Social Tap wifi

1105 S Seaward Ave, Ventura, CA 93001
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2417 Harbor Blvd.
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The Sushi House

1127 S. Seaward Avenue
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Ventura Midtown/Mall Hospital

Midtown Cafe

mid town cafe

991 Loma Vista Rd
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Bagel Rock Coffee

2781 E Main St, Ventura
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The Spaghetti Factory

2686 Loma Vista Rd
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Tatiana’s Coffee and Tea

tatianas internet cafe
2470 E Main St
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A Secret Garden Florist and Cafe

a secret garden florist and cafe

981 E. Main Street
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Ventura /The Avenue

Taqueria Tepatitlan

362 N. Ventura Ave.
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Ventura Victoria/Government Center

Greenforest Internet Cafe

greenforest internet cafe wifi

5936 Telegraph Rd
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Peets Coffee

1171 S Victoria
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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

3301 E Main St, Ste 1066
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Ventura Harbor

Anywhere in the harbor has free Wifi

Oxnard Harbor

Sea Fresh

3550 S Harbor Blvd Oxnard
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The Lookout

2800 Harbor Blvd
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Bar Rincon at Wholefood


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