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Bunny and I
Bunny and me

Bunny has grown accustomed to walking all over Ventura and visiting many of the dog friendly restaurants. He is a mystery breed. Possibly a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix. He is full of love and admiration for his friends and family. He simply shakes with excitement when he sees us putting on our shoes because he thinks we are going for an adventure. Sometimes we have to leave him home which breaks our hearts to see him hop around trying to get our attention, “Hey, you’re taking me right? Remember me? I’m ready to go with you! Ok Let’s go! Where are we going? Your’e not gonna leave me here, right?….right? HELLO, don’t forget about ME! I wanna go too! I’m coming with you right?’

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura The Greek

Bunny is so attuned that even if I quietly take the leash off the hook he will come running out from a sleep in the back room. He always enjoys the sights and smells of the city. Like people, dogs don’t always get along with every other dog. Bunny generally will introduce himself with a wagging tail but there’s always that once in a while where he just doesn’t vibe with a dog. We just have to move along.

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura the Boatyard CafeWhy Bunny? Bunny has tall almost rabbit like ears. And he stand up on his hind legs when he wants to get a better vantage point just like a Rabbit. He also is super-fast when he gets in the mood he will run around the living room 10 times showing off his super speed. Then he stops to see that we are watching. He is so proud of himself. Bunny also burrows. In the middle of the night when he know we are sleeping he uses his muzzle to open up a tunnel from the crook of my armpit down to where my feet are. He then proceeds to scratch around as if he is digging a little den for himself, does 2 or 3 little revolutions, takes one final dramatic breath, and finally settles in. Goodnight little Bunny.

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Sea FreshRecently our Landlord decided that for health reasons he needed to sell the property so we began having to leave the house with Bunny for extended periods because of Open Houses. I began to take note of the places Bunny was most welcomed visiting  while we were out killing time. I hope you enjoy this list of dog friendly restaurants as much as Bunny did.

Downtown Ventura


Café Nouveau


Spencer Makenzie’s

Shanghai Beer Garden

Anacapa Brewery


71 Palm


Ventura Pier

Beach House Fish and Tacos

Seaward Exit

Seaward fish and Chips

Social Tap

The Jolly Oyster

Ventura Harbor

Surf and Taco Harbor

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Harbor Cove CafeHarbor Cove Café


Boatyard Cafe

Margarita Villa


Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Rhumb LineThe Rhumb Line

The Greek

Andres 805 Bar and Grill


Lazy Dog

Oxnard Harbor

Bunny's Dog Friendly Ventura Sea FreshSea Fresh Oxnard


Texas Cattle Co

The Waypoint Café at the Camarillo Airport


Remember some simple rules for doggie dining.

Pets are supposed to stay on the ground. That’s not the restaurants rule, that’s a health department rule. Learn what is acceptable at the restaurant you are visiting and enjoy spending time with your precious bestie!


Stay tuned for more Bunny’s Dog Friendly Ventura



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