Coupons, Deals, and Smart Phone Apps for Ventura

CityPASS- Another coupon deal for Southern California and if you are planning a trip to another major US city.

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Coupons, Deals, and Smart Phone Apps for Ventura

So I checked out the deal for Southern California.

If you were going to go to Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios, and Sea World it would cost you $459 per person. The cost of a City Pass that gets you into all four is $339. That’s a savings of $120.


Now, If you’re talking about a family of 4, you will save $480! And you save more if you  buying for children under ten.

I could enjoy Happy Hours for 2 months with those savings!


There is one catch. You have a 14 day validity period. So the CityPASS is better for planned vacations. Check out the cities there are passes for.

City Pass

Just something to remember next time you plan a trip. Coupon Ka-ching!

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