Eating Ojai Reel Bites

Eating Ojai Food Walking Tour

Eating Ojai

A food tour is the best way to get immersed into the city’s dining scene. You get to sample multiple restaurants and, because there is a guide, you also gain a new friend on the inside.

Allison Costa, Owner of Ventura Food Tours and Santa Barbara Tasting Tours has been in business for 4 years. She started with the Ventura tour and then quickly added the Ojai tour. Now she runs a Santa Barbara Tour as well.

I had the pleasure of highlighting the Eating Ojai Tour. We did some walking which I love. Maureen Durkin, our lovely tour guide, caught us up on Ojai history and culture while we shimmied through Ojai’s picture perfect downtown amongst Oak Trees and the Colonial Spanish Architecture. There really is something revitalizing about the area. I found myself in a peaceful and happier mood by the end of the tour.

Here is what we got to enjoy on our exciting 6 stop tour.

La Fuente – We tried sweet corn, green chile and pork tamales that were so moist. We also learned about the history of Tamale making.

Los Caporales – Nectar of the Gods and Chile Relleno. Letica, the Owner, shared legendary family stories about some of their signature dishes.

Carolina Gramm Designs – Infused olive tasting. You really don’t know what you’re missing until you taste a fine quality olive oil. We tried a variety of infused flavors.

Rainbow Bridge Market – 2 Deli salads samples washed down with Ojai’s own Lori’s Lavender Lemonade.

Ojai Vineyard – Flight of 3 wines. I wish we had more time to stick around here.

Knead Baking Company – Dessert cupcake that was the perfect luscious ending for the day.

Also visit Ventura Foods Tours online for more information on the Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara walking tours.


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