I say Tomato, you say Clamato. Best Bloody Mary’s

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions

A few years ago I visited the restaurant, “Mon Ami Gabi”  in Las Vegas famous for its Bloody Mary Bar. Like a good Mary  disciple, I prepared lots the night before, so when the morning demanded, a Bloody Mary would be the appropriate redemption.  Chilled Vodka on the side, I poured it in my glass and proceeded to the bar where every mix, garnish, condiment any one could ever want or imagine. From anchovies to quail eggs, my favorite garnish was the strip of bacon. I mean, Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Is not the bacon, the perfect benefit to the hangover? A salty meaty compliment to spicy  tomato mixture during breakfast hours.  I treat my Bloody Mary’s with reverence. It’s more that just a cocktail. Something about it makes you feel whole or energized. Sometimes its like an answer to a prayer. “Please cure me of this hangover?”

Now the Bloody Mary bar has come to Ventura. I will explore and make a list of my favorites.

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