Coupons, Deals, and Smart Phone Apps for Ventura

Local Coupons, Deals and Sites to get Discounts on Ventura Dining

Coupons, Deals, and Discount Links for Ventura-Yelp Deals

Yelp Has many partners in Ventura County that have discount dining offers. I was surprised to find out how many. You can search using filters to find exactly what your looking for.

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Using Groupon to find Ventura County Restaurant Deals

If you don't know about Groupon then.... how did you even find this site? Whenever i go out for the day to enjoy the town I always check Groupon. they have a map filter so you can see the deals in the vicinity that you will be in. If you know that you are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend you can create a search filer. Download the App to your smart phone and filter away. Groupon has the largest membership of merchants from eye brow threading to vacation packages. Groupons are great because you can make your purchases gifts. most dinner coupons are around 50% off. And that goes a long way when you are dining.  

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Coupons, Deals, and Discount Links for Ventura-Entertainment Dining Review

All book are only $12! and free shipping. Remember the 2 for 1 coupon dining book where you had to tear out the little perforated pages? we now you can access the same deals online. This is a great gift idea too. In the Santa Barbara and Ventura book there are 2 for 1 deals at:

  • Rics Restaurant in Camarillo
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Santa Barbara Zoo
If you use just one coupon then you have your investment back.

How easy is it to use your coupons?

  • You can clip from your book
  • Print from online
  • Show your phone code to your merchant

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Coupons, Deals, and Discount Links for Ventura-Amazon Local Review

Everybody already has an Amazon account which makes this App super easy. I rank this one pretty high compared to other deal Apps. App is available for your smartphone. Amazon Local There's at least local 7-10 restaurants with deals including deals at

  • Spenser Makenzies
  • Cadiz
  • La Parilla
  • Thai and Peru Restaurant
including Sailing Lessons and Comedy Club tickets

How easy is the App to use?

There's a map filter so you can arrow it down to your area view.    

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Venturadollardining Links to Coupons - Livingsocial Review


Coupon Site Similar to the Groupon, there are randomly some good restaurants in our area with coupons. They are better for Events and Activities. Still a good source for deals. I check Livingsocial out whenever I'm planning a day for fun ideas. If you have a smart phone you can install the app on your phone, which makes it easy.

Current Deals

Right now I am seeing $15 for $25 worth of burgers, Beers, and other fare at Bombay Bar and Grill The Sushi House $15 for $25 of food Fuji Sushi Japanese $20 for $40 of menu items

How Easy is it to Find Local Coupons?

In the App, you can use the map feature to filter the deals you are looking for. Ventura Dollardining Coupon Link        

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CityPASS- Another coupon deal for Southern California and if you are planning a trip to another major US city.

Coupon Sites

Coupons, Deals, and Smart Phone Apps for Ventura So I checked out the deal for Southern California. If you were going to go to Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios, and Sea World it would cost you $459 per person. The cost of a City Pass that gets you into all four is $339. That's a savings of $120.


Now, If you're talking about a family of 4, you will save $480! And you save more if you  buying for children under ten. I could enjoy Happy Hours for 2 months with those savings! Generic_234x60 There is one catch. You have a 14 day validity period. So the CityPASS is better for planned vacations. Check out the cities there are passes for. City Pass Just something to remember next time you plan a trip. Coupon Ka-ching!

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